Breakneck Ridge and why you might not want want to hike it

Ok, Breakneck Ridge is a pretty popular hike but you probably don’t want to hike it because:

If you're just looking for a place to hike and Breakneck was your default or it doesn't sound like the right hike for you right now, there are lots of other great alternatives offering a challenge and great views.

If you were going to take MetroNorth to the hike

If you were going to drive to the hike

If you’re just looking for a few suggestions in the same area as Breakneck, consider:

Bear Mountain

Great views Many trail options Parking lot Amenities Reachable by train

Difficulty: Anything you want from no walking to moderate


Harriman State Park

Great views Waterfalls Very large Several loop options Parking lots Reachable by train

Difficulty: Moderate


Clarence Fahnestock State Park

Many trail options Parking lots Appalachain trail crosses it

Difficulty: Easy


Mount Beacon

Amazing views Firetower lookout Parking lot Several length options Accessible by train Restaurants, breweries, etc in Beacon

Difficulty: Moderate to high


Storm King Mountain

Amazing views in several directions Multiple routes Parking lots Some trails can be dodgy in winter (icy) This is a mountain, not the sculpture park.

Difficulty: Moderate


Popolopen Torne

Amazing views Fun to say Some parts may be quite difficult for some people

Difficulty: High


Anthony's Nose

Good views Dicey parking along the highway

Difficulty: Low-medium